The Foster Family of Flanders, England, and America
 The second edition of the Foster book will be divided into seven volumes. This is because of the massive amount of information that I have accumulated over the years on the lives of our immigrant?scendants. The volumes will be divided thus;
Volume I (228 pages) contains: Fosters in Flanders, England, and the Immigrant, Richard Foster in America. Richard has two known sons and a possible, third. They are John, Robert, and Richard (?). This volume contains the lives of the descendants of son, John who married Ruth. An addendum has been added
Volume II (270 pages) contains: Robert, son of Richard and Robert?ildren: Robert, Jr., James, Barbara, Richard, and George An addendum has been added
Volume III (691 pages) contains: Thomas and William 襠Elder毳ter, sons of Robert
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Volume IV (308 Pages) contains: Anthony and Elizabeth, children of Robert
Volume V (439 pages) contains John, son of Robert and children Sarah, John, Jr. Philadelphia, Anthony, and Judith,
Volume VI (600 pages) contains descendants of Thomas and Ann Garnett Foster, son of John Addendum has been added
Volume VII Ambrose and Mary Miller Foster, son of Thomas, and grandson of Robert
The volumes will be sent on cds. The cds will contain three files: (1) Word document, (2) pdf file, and (3) Acrobat Reader. The Word file will contain an index of the Descendancy Narrative and can be downloaded for a hard copy. The pdf file can be read on Adobe Reader and is a searchable file. If you do not have Acrobat Reader it will be included for you to download. The pdf file may also be downloaded for a hard copy.
The cost of each cd will depend upon whether or not you are a descendant of Richard Foster, the Immigrant. If you are, the cost will be $10.00 per volume (cd) (if I do not have your family included I will ask you to send it to me.) This cost will cover, the jewel case, cd, mailing container and the cost of mailing. This cost will cover the above and the remainder will go into hard copies, bindings, and sending them to libraries.

Send request to:
Dr. B. G. Foster
404 Sampson
Kyle, TX 78640
512 262-7464