Robert Foster was the eldest child of George and Mary Singleton. He was born ca 1725 in Essex County, Virginia and died ca 1755 Prince Edward County, Virginia. He married ca 1744 Charity; no other information available for her

Children of Robert and Charity Foster
1.George born ca 1744 Amelia Co., VA; died after 1816 Burke Co., NC; married ca 1763 Charlotte Co., VA Sarah Childress.She died ca 1816 Burke Co., NC
2.Mary born ca 1746 Amelia Co., VA; married George (Hamm?) who died ca 1782 Amelia Co., VA
3.Elizabeth born ca 1747 Amelia Co., VA; married (1) John Haney (2) December 25, 1776 Charlotte Co., VA John Crofton. He was born ca 1710 Lunenburg Co., VA; died 1779 Lunenburg Co., VA
4.Francis born ca 1749 Lunenburg Co., VA; died 1845 Pinckneyville, Union Co., SC; married January 26, 1782 Charlotte Co., VA a cousin Mary שּׁy毳ter, daughter of Josiah Foster and Elizabeth Webb. She was born January 4, 1764 Charlotte Co., VA; died January 19, 1849, Union Co., SC
5.Joshua born June 4, 1754 Lunenburg Co., VA; died January 1829 Pinckneyville, Union Co., SC; married January 6, 1782 Charlotte Co., VA Mary Foster, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Johnson Foster.쯳pan>She was born February 4, 1763 Lunenburg Co., VA; died January 19, 1849 Union Co., SC


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