ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Mildred, called 鬬ie硳 born ca 1734 in Essex County, Virginia and died after 1798 in Newberry District, South Carolina.꼯span>It was thought that she was married twice: to (1) William Crosthwaite in ca 1760 Orange County, Virginia and second (2) possible to John Griffin in ca 1772 Ninety Six District, South Carolina.꼯span>William was born ca 1730 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and died ca 1771 Newberry District, South Carolina.꼯span>(John Griffin?) died about 1797 in Newberry District, South Carolina

Children of Mildred and William Crosthwaite
1.Jacob was born ca 1762 Culpeper Co., VA; died Laurens Co., SC
2.William was born ca 1766 Culpeper Co., VA
3.Frances was born ca 1770 Culpeper Co., VA; died 1829 Newberry District, SC

Children of (John Griffin?) and Mildred Golding
1.Elizabeth was born ca 1774 Ninety Six District, SC
2.Edmund was born ca 1778 Ninety Six District, SC


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