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Edmund Foster was the eldest son of Anthony Foster and his first wife known only, for sure, as Martha.쯳pan>He was born ca 1721 in Essex County, Virginia and died at the approximate age of twenty-seven years.쯳pan>His death took place after he and his family move to Spotsylvania County.쯳pan>Edmond married ca 1740 in Essex County, Virginia Tabitha Collins, daughter of Joseph and Susannah Lewis Collins.쯳pan>She was born ca 1720 in Essex County, Virginia and died in 1806 in Elbert Co., GA.쯳pan>After the untimely death of Edmond, Tabitha married two more time.쯳pan>Her second husband was Henry Gatewood and after his death to John Marshall Holliday.


Children of Edmund and Tabitha Foster
1.Elizabeth 崴y硳 born ca 1744 Amherst Co., VA; died 1807 Elbert Co., GA; married Richard Gatewood, son of Henry Gatewood and Dorothy Dudley.쯳pan>He was born ca 1740 King and Queen Co., VA; died ca 1794 Elbert Co., VA
2.Mary born ca 1745 Amherst Co., VA; died Elbert Co., GA; married ca 1765 Spotsylvania Co., VA John Rowzie, son of John and Martha Rowzie. He was born ca 1745; died ca 1815 Elbert Co., GA

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