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Edmund Foster was the eldest son of Anthony Foster and his first wife known only, for sure, as Martha.  He was born ca 1721 in Essex County, Virginia and died at the approximate age of twenty-seven years.  His death took place after he and his family move to Spotsylvania County.  Edmond married ca 1740 in Essex County, Virginia Tabitha Collins, daughter of Joseph and Susannah Lewis Collins.  She was born ca 1720 in Essex County, Virginia and died in 1806 in Elbert Co., GA.  After the untimely death of Edmond, Tabitha married two more time.  Her second husband was Henry Gatewood and after his death to John Marshall Holliday.


Children of Edmund and Tabitha Foster
1.Elizabeth “Betty” was born ca 1744 Amherst Co., VA; died 1807 Elbert Co., GA; married Richard Gatewood, son of Henry Gatewood and Dorothy Dudley.  He was born ca 1740 King and Queen Co., VA; died ca 1794 Elbert Co., VA
2.Mary born ca 1745 Amherst Co., VA; died Elbert Co., GA; married ca 1765 Spotsylvania Co., VA John Rowzie, son of John and Martha Rowzie. He was born ca 1745; died ca 1815 Elbert Co., GA

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