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ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Booker Foster was the last child of William 襠Elder毳ter and Ann Booker.쯳pan>He was born ca 1764 in Amelia County, Virginia. He has been reported to have died in Maury County, Tennessee.쯳pan>He married Tabitha (has been reported as Susannah, are as Susannah (Foster?).꼯span>They (whoever she was) probably married ca 1775 as their first child was born ca 1777. Tabitha died after 1828.

Children of Booker and Tabitha Foster
1.Elizabeth Bell Wright born ca 1777 Amelia Co., VA; died November 30, 1795; married William Webster
2.William B. born ca 1779 Amelia Co., VA
3.Mary C. born ca 1780 Amelia Co., VA; married 1798 Anthony Webster
4.Josiah was born ca 1782 Amelia Co., VA married 1802 Obedience Mitchell
5.John born ca 1785 Amelia Co., VA
6.Booker, Jr. born ca 1787 Amelia Co., VA; married October 29, 1816 Mechlenburg Co., VA Mariah Prudence Jeffries
7.Christian born ca 1789 Amelia Co., VA; married Granville (Williams?) Wilburn
8.Joshua born ca 1791 Amelia Co., VA
9.Matilda born ca 1793 Amelia Co., VA; married 1816 Phillp Adams
10.Ann born ca 1795 Amelia Co., VA; married 1817 Marsten Foster, son of John T. and Frances Worsham (Barham) Foster. He was born ca 1783 Amelia Co., VA
11.Mariah born ca 1797 Amelia Co., VA; married 1827 Tillman Foster


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