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Thomas Foster was the first child of William 襠Elderꆯster and his unknown wife.쯳pan>He was born ca 1732 in Caroline County, Virginia and died ca 1799 in Charlotte County, Virginia.쯳pan>Thomas married Prudence Worsham probably in the early 1750 as his first child has an estimated birth of 1755.쯳pan>We know nothing of Prudence튦amily and of her, only that she died before 1795.쯳pan>Much research is needed here.


Children of Thomas and Prudence Foster
1.Claiborne born ca 1755 Lunenburg Co., VA; died ca 1808 Amelia Co., VA; married
(1) Jedidah; no further information on her
(2) Lunenburg Co., VA October 21, 1784, Martha Griffin. She was born ca 1755 Lunenburg Co., VA
2.William, Jr. born ca 1757 Lunenburg Co., VA; died after 1802; married October 6, 1779 Amelia Co., VA Elizabeth Hastings
3.Jesse born ca 1759 Lunenburg Co., VA; died after 1798
4.Keziah born ca 1761 Lunenburg Co., VA; died ca 1825 Charlotte Co., VA; married 1788 John Alderson
5.Ludson born ca 1765 Charlotte Co., VA; died after 1810; married December 27, 1787 Prince Edward Co., VA Sarah Holt


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