Hannah Foster is the second daughter and seventh child of George and Mary Singleton Foster. She was born ca 1740 in Amelia County, Virginia and died after 1770.쯳pan>She married Frederick Nance. No other information is known on Hannah Foster and Frederick Nance


Children of Hannah Foster and Frederick Nance

1.ࠠ࠼/span>Touner born 1758

2.ࠠ࠼/span> John Webb born 1760

3.ࠠ࠼/span>George born 1762

4.ࠠ࠼/span>Frederick born 1764

5.ࠠ࠼/span>Jane born 1766

6.ࠠ࠼/span>Charlotte born 1768; married Mr. Barton

7.ࠠ࠼/span>Nancy A. born 1770; married Mr. Bacon

8.ࠠ࠼/span>Daughter born ca 1772; married Mr. Jackson

9.ࠠ࠼/span>Sarah Salkins born 1774; married Mr. Robertson