Welcome to the
Web site of Dr. B. G. Foster
This web page is designed so that I may share family information that I have accumulated from over twenty years of research.

Even though most of my time has been spent on researching my Foster family, I have considerable information on numerous other lines.

First I would like to introduce myself. Looking back on my life from my sixty-ninth year I have answered to several different names. Like most boys raised in East Texas I grew up being called by a double name - in my case it was Billy Glen. As I grew in age and stature the new football coach during my high school senior year took a look at me and shouted, ?er red.? that handle stuck on me the rest of my senior year 鴠was sometime shortened to just ?er.? When I left the familiar world of high school and struck out on my own first to college and then to the air force, my moniker changed from Bill to Willie, for some long forgotten reason.

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When I returned to college, Bill became the name to which I most often answered. When I finished by doctoral degree from the University of Iowa and was a young professor at Texas A&M, Dr. Foster became my alias - for students 鴠was still Bill to my fellow faculty members and occasionally Billy by those that did not know me well.

I guess the name that I was most pleased with was ? for it was a term used by my graduate students and even those undergraduates with which I developed a relationship. It was also the name that I used to address the man who had the greatest influence on my professional life. He was the man that I emulated and patterned the attitudes and actions of my entire career after ? Rufus Guthrie was his name, but he was ? to us. He is gone now and I have retired so the name ? has also been retired.

Since I am back in East Texas I have had to get used to answering to the name, Billy Glen, again ? I am still Bill to many.
For those who might be interested, I have added a little more to my personal bio.

When I began researching family histories I set as my goal ?identify all of my surname immigrants. After over twenty years of searching there are still several very elusive immigrants that I have not discovered. It seems that most if not all came to this country very early on 鮠the seventeenth or eighteenth century.

Listed in the table to the right is a list of my surnames and eventually I will share these families with those of the same line.

Alexander Armstead Ashmore Baird Bennett Bickerstaff
Birdwell Blair Brown Burton Candler Carmichael
Carter Chaffins Chiles Christian Clark Cottrell
Dawson Davis Dowdle Edmonds Eldridge Ferguson
Forbes Foster Gamble Garnett Gent Golding
Good Hampton Hardaway Hatcher Hughes Johnson
Johnston Jones Lauer Lee Love Martin
Massie Mennich Merrick Miller Mills Moorman
Muscoe Osborne Parker Pattison Pickens Poke
Pollard Pomeroy Pruitt Reynolds Ross Sanders
Samuel Schuler Strother Tate Taylor Thompson
Tyler Walker Ward Watts Wolf Young.

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