Dr. B.G. Foster - A Short Biographical Sketch
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I was born in 1932 in a little town 60 miles east of Dallas by the name of Canton. It was there that I went to school, played football, basketball, baseball (catcher), volleyball, and tennis and graduated third in my class (of 29) in 1949.
I spent one year floundering academically at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. In the fall of 1950 I transferred to the University of North Texas (then it was North Texas State Teachers College) where I completed only one semester when my air force reserve unit was called into active duty (443 Troop Carrier Command – I think.) Shortly after being activated our command was transferred to Donaldson Air Force Base in Greenville, South Carolina. There I spent the fall of 1951 playing service football (Donaldson AFB Bulldogs). I was mustered out in time to enroll at NTSC in the fall of 1952. I was at that time majoring in health education (I had changed from math to health and would eventually change from health to physical education to secondary education.)
Registration for classes proved to be a fated day for I met a pretty little blue-eyed blond registering for the same class in elementary education. I was reluctant, until I met her, to enroll as I was the only man (I use the word loosely) registering and being in my macho phase of my life didn’t know if I wanted in a class of all girls. Her name was Betty Carolyn Clements.
The first day of class she sat down by me and two years later we were married on June 6, 1954. Betty had graduated a few days before but I still lacked a year. After graduating in 1955 with BS in Education (Biology) I became a high school teacher and coach back in my hometown of Canton. I taught Chemistry, Physics, General Science, and Biology and was assistant football coach, and head basketball and baseball coach. My wife taught junior high social studies. In the fall of 1955 we had our first son, Daniel Marcus and in 1958 we had our second son, David Glen In 1960 we sold our home in Canton and with a lot of faith moved back to Denton where I completed an MS in microbiology in 1962 under Dr. Rufus Guthrie. I also became a father, again. Bryan Latimer was born in August of 1961. In the fall of 1962 I registered for the first semester of my Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.
I worked full time as a research bacteriologist with the Institute of Agricultural Medicine in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health. I graduated in the spring of 1965 and in that fall became an assistant professor in microbiology in the Department of Biology at Texas A&M University. During my tenure there I graduated over 30 graduate students from my research laboratory, received the Texas A&M University Former Student’s Distinguished Teaching Award, was one of the first (there were three of us) microbiologist to have an experiment sent to the moon (Apollo 16, 1973), was president of The Texas Branch – American Society for Microbiology, and was chosen by the students of A&M to have a Freshmen “Fish” Camp named for me – the award for which I am most proud.
While in College Station Betty and I had our fourth and final child, Mary Carolyn born in 1966. I retired as a Professor Emeritus from Texas A&M University in 1996 after 31 years. Betty and I moved to Tyler and bought our home among the tall pines of East Texas.

I am now president of the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, member of the Van Zandt County Library Advisory Board, and librarian of the First Presbyterian Church in Tyler.